Sprig x Smitten Collab: Big Ideas, Small Batch.

Introducing our limited-run half pint of Sprig x Smitten Cheesecake Ice Cream with Raspberry Drizzle! This original creation tastes like frozen cheesecake batter but has all the health benefits of a probiotic. Can you guess the secret ingredient? Read on to learn more…

This summer, we teamed up with Smitten Ice Cream to deliver half-pints-of-joy to your door every weekend, all season long (you’re welcome). During this time, we also had the opportunity to collaborate with Smitten on creating a custom flavor! Jessica Entzel, our executive research and development chef, was thrilled. Afterall, she is notorious for scheduling “ice cream meetings” in lieu of coffee dates at Smitten’s Hayes Valley shop.

We’re keen on Smitten for a few reasons:
1) They’re a San Francisco-born company, and their flagship is just a stone’s throw away from our office.
2) Like us, they aim to craft pure delight, using organic, sustainable and seasonal ingredients.
3) They let us play with their ice-cream making toys. They have innovative and patented technology that creates a super creamy texture (with tiny crystals) and an intensely concentrated flavor (without any nasty stabilizers, emulsifiers, or preservatives).

Together, we set out to develop an ice cream flavor that would blow minds and epitomize San Francisco end-of-summer vibes. To begin, Jes knew that she wanted to make an ice cream that would be a fun twist on “health-food” — a shout out to all you granolas out there. She had already been experimenting with Kefir (a tangy cousin of yogurt) and thought it might make for a refreshing ice cream base. She was right: Kefir’s probiotic qualities, combined with the buttermilk-like flavor, made for the PERFECT secret ingredient. Shhh!!

But how much Kefir? Add too much, and the texture turned icy and hard. Add too little, and the distinctive flavor was lost. The team kept at it, and found that one part Kefir, plus two parts Smitten-base was just the right ratio… tangy, light, and creamy! Delicious! *Celebratory spoon clink* The next day, Jes brought her Kefir-infused-base to the Smitten test kitchen and the creative juices kept flowing from there. Robyn Sue Fisher, Smitten’s Founder and Chief Brrrista, suggested adding a crunch-factor into the equation. Oatmeal cookies, perhaps? Yes! How about seasonal berries? Indeed! The result? A Kefir-based ice cream, churned with oatmeal cookie crumbles, and layered with raspberry drizzle. A true Sprig x Smitten collaboration and a new ice cream flavor that wins hearts and tummies.

Grab your half-pint today! Sprig x Smitten Cheesecake Ice Cream with Raspberry Drizzle will not be around for long. This original creation is only available a limited time on Sprig’s menu or at Smitten’s Pacific Heights shop.

Does it get any sweeter? Use this promo code for $2 off the new ice cream on the app: smallbatchlove