Reasons We Love 18 Reasons

Cooking from scratch is a powerful and nurturing experience to create and share. 

At Sprig, we have always valued the principles behind scratch cooking, and crafting meals from fresh, high quality ingredients. So that's what we do - create beautiful, delicious meals from scratch - and we do it at scale!  

We recognized the need for this kind of cooking to be widely available ("with the press of a button") because we don't feel you should have to compromise on how you want to eat just because you are short on time, or have competing priorities. 

18 Reasons is a community partner we greatly admire whose sole focus is on empowering communities through scratch cooking and educational food experiences:

Learning to cook is empowering. Moms who were sure their kids would never eat vegetables watch them joyfully chop and eat carrots and zucchini for the first time. Families struggling with diabetes and other diet-related diseases feel stronger and healthier after just a few weeks of cooking together. At the grocery store, graduates of our program confidently compare prices, read ingredient labels, and follow their shopping lists to save money while purchasing healthier food. 

We all have to eat, and what we put in our bodies has a profound impact on how we feel, how we engage with the world around us, and how we enjoy our lives. 

Donate HERE to 18 Reasons and help support their incredible organization!