Our Sourcing Philosophy

Sourcing ingredients responsibly is tricky. We face the same challenges you do when you shop for yourself, and are committed to navigating them with honesty and transparency.

Some questions that we constantly ask are:

  • What's good for me? For my family?
  • How do I balance cost with high quality, responsible ingredients?
  • How do I vote with my dollar on what's important to me?


We believe in “doing what’s right.” To us, that means buying as many organic and sustainably-raised and -grown ingredients as possible.

As we grow, we’re committed to upholding our values around doing the right thing, and continue to invest in keeping our supply chain as transparent and responsible as possible. One way we do this is sharing sourcing info for many of our ingredients, right in the app.

Occasionally we’ll source an ingredient or menu item purely for its “fun factor,” like Nutella or Stan’s Donuts. Because treats are important too!