Clean, Balance, Fuel: What's New on the Sprig Menu

I wasn’t always a food guy.

Like many of us, I ate what was around when I was hungry. Processed food, packaged snacks, take-out, you name it. I was working long hours and wasn’t taking care of myself. Every few months, I’d resolve to get back in shape. I’d go to the gym and start some strict meal program…

But life would happen and I’d lose the discipline. I got sick, I went traveling abroad, I was hungry late at night and pizza was easy. Every time, some wrench would get thrown into my extremely rigorous health plan. Finally, I resolved to find a food philosophy that could fit into my daily lifestyle. Something that would last longer than a month - or a year - something I could keep up for the rest of my life.

That food philosophy – eat well –  is what we’re all about at Sprig. Eat Sprig most of the week so you don’t have to feel guilty about going out on a Friday night or having the occasional dessert.* Life’s too short to have really restrictive diet goals, but we’ll feel better and live longer if we eat well.

In that spirit, today we’re unveiling new menu categories that make it even easier for you to eat well: Clean, Balanced and Fuel. Over the past several months, we’ve worked with nutritionists to improve our daily menus. We’ve refreshed our menu with a beautiful new look and added the following categories for easy ordering:

  • Clean. Higher on the good stuff (veggies and lean meats) and lower on calories (always 550 or less), these nutrient-dense clean and satisfying eats deliver deliciousness without guilt. You’ll find dishes like Chicken Confit Salad with Grilled Onions; and Baby Kale, Seed and Sprout Salad.

  • Balanced. Featuring the right portions of fresh veg, lean protein and the occasional whole grain, these (700 calories or less) meals hit the spot. Some dishes you’ll spot include: Lemon and Thyme Roasted Chicken with Polenta; and Chicken Pot Pie with Quinoa Pilaf.

  • Fuel. Packing protein (around 30 grams) and loads of nutrient-dense veg, these dishes are generously portioned to fill and fuel you up. Look for meals like Turkey Meatballs with White Bean Purée and Marinara; and Ginger-Tamari Braised Beef with Cauliflower Rice.


We’ve also revisited our veggie and protein servings (at least 2 servings of veggies in every meal) to help you meet your nutritional goals, and added a bunch of new dishes to keep you from ever getting bored.

To check out our new menu, just download the latest version of the app. Pro tip: you can also now set reminders to find out when your favorite dishes are available.

Enjoy and Sprig on,

Gagan Biyani

*That’s why we have no problem putting cookies on the menu. We have cravings, too – and a treat with high-quality ingredients is a great way to satisfy them!