What if "fast food" was "slow food"?

There’s a lot of hype about the “slow food” movement: food should take time, and good food requires a lot of effort. It should be expensive, time-consuming and handcrafted (so the experts say). I find that kind of scary.

On the flip side, people gravitate to what’s easy. Fast food has preyed on this notion and given us terrible-for-us meals that are ridiculously convenient. The same goes for nutrient-bankrupt TV dinners, preservative-filled protein bars and coma-inducing pizza delivery.

At Sprig, we believe in the best parts of fast food and slow food. Sprig is both convenient and created using natural ingredients and real cooking techniques.

Good food shouldn’t be so hard – that’s why these core tenets around convenience are so important to us:

Prompt delivery

Routing a quick delivery to you is critical to us. Using data science and machine learning, we’re able to predict demand and coordinate our delivery team. Our Sprig Servers brave rain, fog, ice or snow to bring you food as quickly as possible. We’re proud that we reset the expectation around delivery: the old days of 90 minute deliveries are over.

Simple menu

Before Sprig, I used to spend 20 minutes just figuring out WHAT I wanted to eat. I’d look through dozens of menus online, and would eventually settle for something good-enough that didn’t quite fit the bill. At Sprig, we’ve intentionally focused our menu so you have several options that’ll hit the spot, but not so many that it’ll overwhelm you.

Hot food

When your food shows up, we want you to be able to dig in right away. So Sprig meals require no assembling, no heating up and absolutely no extra work. This is much harder than sending you a meal that you can microwave upon delivery, but we think it’s worth the effort. Convenience is not just about delivery – it’s also about the time it takes between ordering and eating.


The hundreds of responses to my email last week were so helpful that I ended up sharing them with the entire team at Sprig. Thank you for your help supporting our mission, and we look forward to continuing to make eating well as convenient as possible.


Gagan Biyani