Welcome to the new Sprig

Since Sprig launched in 2013, we’ve been obsessively focused on one mission: to make it simple to eat well.

The food industry today asks consumers to constantly make trade-offs: to decide between price and convenience; or between healthy food and tasty food. We set out to combine the nutrition and sustainability of slow food with the speed and convenience of fast food. It’s a complex challenge, but one worth tackling.

As we look ahead toward Sprig’s future, we’re proud to announce several exciting changes that we believe will bring us closer to our long-term goal of making healthy eating universally accessible.

We’re unveiling a new look and feel for Sprig, complete with a brand new logo and photography style.

For inspiration on this new aesthetic, we went back to the basics: our food. Instead of plating meals on an imaginary dining table, we brought our photography straight into the kitchen. This style showcases food as a process, focusing on the ingredients that go into every dish and celebrating the craft with which we compose a dish and produce it at scale.

In the app, we present the photos as an infinite tablescape of vibrant, vegetable-filled Sprig dishes. The experience is a tribute to the basic surface used to prep all of our food: the industrial kitchen counter, with meals in-progress laid out for you to choose from.

As a call for radical transparency in the food industry, Sprig will now show what farms each ingredient is sourced from.

We’re excited to provide radical transparency of our sourcing practices. We could tell you that we only choose the highest quality ingredients, but we’ve decided to show you instead. Every dish now highlights the farms from which all produce, meat, dairy, and grains were sourced.

Why does this matter? Because unlike most mass market food chains or food delivery apps, our customers' health is critical to us, and we believe that eating quality, organic food makes everyone feel better and live longer. We commit to showing you all of the ingredients on Sprig and where they are sourced from. No other food business provides this level of transparency at scale.

With this focus on the future, we will transition our workforce of servers from contractors to employees.

This new model allows us to better develop and retain team members who stand behind our mission, and continue to invest in the entire Sprig customer experience. We will begin to roll out these changes over the next several weeks, and will retain this model as we expand to future markets.

Beyond providing our servers with career development and benefits, this change will also enable us to reward our top performers and most tenured servers through stock option grants, something no other sharing economy company is currently doing.

We are excited to create food that has finally caught up with the way we live. We’d love to hear your feedback on the new Sprig -- email me at gagan.biyani@sprig.com.