Sprig ❤ Chicago: Eating Well in Chicago Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

Sprig’s goal has always been to make a global impact on our modern food system. We launched in San Francisco just 18 months ago and since then have delivered over 500,000 organic meals in an average of 15 minutes. It has quickly become a cultural phenomenon amongst busy families and working professionals: our customers eat Sprig multiple times a week.

Today, we continue on our mission to make eating well accessible to everyone by launching Sprig in Chicago.

We hope Sprig can make life a little easier for the hard-working people of Chicago. It’s as simple as opening our app when you’re hungry and choosing between a rotating menu of meal options. Your fresh, healthy meal arrives hot faster than you can cook.

Our meals are wholesome, healthy and delicious, so you can feel good about eating Sprig daily.

Why Chicago?

Chicago is one of the pre-eminent food cities in the world. Recently it’s played home to the James Beard Awards and the National Restaurant Association Show, and it also has a rich history of exceedingly delicious and innovative food. Chicagoans seem to be more and more interested in organic and sustainable cuisine.

Furthermore, Chicago has a fantastic technology community and successful startups have boomed for the last several years. On top of big hits such as Groupon, there are dozens of young companies making national headlines. Co-working spaces such as 1871 (where the local Sprig team is based) are even getting the support of the Chicago Chamber of Commerce. Google has established rich roots in the city and are in the process of converting the Fulton Market Cold Storage building into their soon-to-be new expansive offices in the West Loop. Since the industrial age, Chicago has always been on the cutting edge.

We know the people of Chicago work hard, and we think you deserve to come home and enjoy a delicious meal without compromising quality, nutrition or taste.

What makes Sprig different from a restaurant?

We believe the current food system forces consumers to make a tough decision: quality or convenience? Either pay high prices and long waits or choose the easy option and risk your health. With Sprig, you can have both:

  1. Quality — Responsible Sourcing and Clean Cooking. We make all of our meals in-house, which means you can trust in our sourcing. Our produce is organic and our meats are sustainably raised (free-range, hormone-free, GMO-free and antibiotic-free) and we don’t abuse oil, fat, salt or sugar to compensate for low-quality ingredients. Instead, we use organic produce and clean cooking techniques to create meals you can eat daily. For example, our meatloaf recipe doesn’t include bread, butter or added fat but the dish is still hearty and delicious. And of course it comes with a side of organic sweet potatoes and cauliflower to ensure you feel good instead of heavy.
  2. Convenience — Magical delivery times. Chicago is a bustling city with a no-nonsense culture. So why should you wait over an hour for your food to arrive? You deserve better. That’s why we target a 15 minute average delivery time and usually have deliveries between 10–25 minutes. Even in Chicago? With the traffic? Yes, even in Chicago. That’s the magic of Sprig.

We truly hope Chicagoans enjoy the delights of Sprig and we look forward to hearing what you think! You can reach us on Twitter at @Sprig_Chi, or via e-mail at support@sprig.com.