Taking Sprig National

For decades, the food industry has presented consumers with an unfair choice between convenience and quality. We are so used to making that trade-off that we conflate the phrase “fast food” with “bad food.” We started Sprig because we believed that dichotomy needs to end.

Sprig is a dead simple idea: tap a button on your phone, get a healthy meal delivered in 15 minutes.

Today in San Francisco, we’ve already made “fast food” synonymous with “great food” and the response has been overwhelming: in the 17 months since we launched, Sprig has served half a million meals to San Francisco locals. During that time, we’ve sourced over 400,000 pounds of organic produce from local farmers and grown from a team of 4 to a company of 100 full-time employees. It’s time now to take this to the next level.

Today, I’m proud to announce a $45 million Series B that will help us take Sprig national. Soon, we believe that nobody in America will have to decide between eating well and eating fast.

Why is convenience so important?

The daily struggle between what is “easy” and what is “good” is so deeply embedded in our psyche that many have grown to assume this is normal .

Fast food chains have infamously turned farms into laboratories and concocted recipes that trigger customers’ pleasure neurons at a significant cost to their health. Today obesity plagues 1/3 of Americans and many more suffer from other nutrition-related ailments. Healthcare costs are growing much faster than inflation while the level of care isn’t improving.

What if it was easier to get a healthy, nutritious meal than it was to go through the drive thru of a fast food chain? In San Francisco today, it is a reality: Sprig delivers healthy meals in 15 minutes regardless of where you are and what you are doing. This guilt-less convenience becomes a habit: the average Sprig customer now orders at least once a week. And our top customers use Sprig 4x/week. Convenience encourages repeat behavior, but so does quality and users are making Sprig a part of their daily lives.

What does Sprig mean by “eating well”?

Eating well is about two simple principles: start with responsible sourcing, and carry it through with clean cooking techniques.

  1. Responsible sourcing. Sustainably grown produce and responsibly raised meats are more flavorful, better for the environment and better for you. The majority of restaurants and “convenient” options continue to use hormone-induced and antibiotic-fed animals as well as pesticide-infused produce. Restaurants are not required to be transparent about what is in your food, so it’s easy for them to cut corners. At Sprig, we source better ingredients because we believe everyone deserves better.

  2. Clean cooking. Many restaurants take advantage of the fact that you can’t see the kitchen. They make low-quality ingredients artificially taste better by indiscriminately adding butter, salt, oil, and sugar. We believe that high-quality, organic produce tastes delicious, naturally. We use homestyle techniques to prepare dishes with simple ingredients without the superfluous additives. For example, we lighten up our mac ‘n cheese by thickening the sauce with puréed cauliflower.

Our focus on convenience and quality has already helped Sprig become the leading on-demand meal delivery service in San Francisco, but we’re just getting started. Starting today we’re ready to take this experience to more cities and over the coming months we will be expanding Sprig’s footprint from the San Francisco 7x7 to the rest of the Bay Area. We will also be taking our first step in national expansion by launching Sprig Chicago -- a city we've long admired for its amazing food and tech community.

I’m so thrilled to continue our journey to bring Sprig to everyone in America and to do that, we’ll also need to grow our incredible team. If you want to join us on our mission to make it simple to eat well, you can check our job openings at https://jobs.lever.co/sprig.