Sprig: Now with a Side of Web Ordering

 Now you can order Sprig via your desktop: Sprig.com!

Now you can order Sprig via your desktop: Sprig.com!

Starting today you can now view Sprig menus (including ingredients and nutritional information) and order meals directly from your desktop at Sprig.com!

Here’s how it works:

  • For new Sprig customers, you’ll be prompted to create an account and once you enter in your info, can get ordering.
  • For existing Sprig customers, just enter in your login information on Sprig.com and you can start ordering right away.
  • Your address information will be stored and shared across all platforms (meaning you don't have to re-add used addresses if you interchange between ordering on desktop, iOS or Android.
  • You can also track your order status right in your phone.
  • We currently don’t offer the ability to buy gift certificates, Sprig Go or use promotional codes via desktop as we require unique mobile device identification for security purposes. But if you’ve already purchased Sprig Go via iOS or Android, it will be directly applied to your desktop order via your account.

We’re so excited to give you another platform to order and enjoy healthy Sprig meals. We can’t wait to see how you use it and hear your feedback. Email us feedback or comments at support@sprig,com or tweet us at @Sprig to let us know what you think!