Get ICHI Sushi + NI Bar from Sprig ALL Week!

We had a great Thanksgiving and hope you did, too but we sure had our fill of turkey. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that Sprig is partnering once again with our good friends of ICHI Sushi + NI Bar to bring you on-demand sushi Monday - Friday this week from Chef Tim Archuleta!

Ichi Sushi.png

ICHI Sushi has been named multiple times as the best sushi restaurant in San Francisco -- and now you don’t need to worry about trying to snag hard to get reservations or waiting in line because this week, you can get Chef Tim’s Sushi delivered straight to your door with Sprig.

Monday through Friday we will be featuring a different roll, 4-piece Nigiri and side salad created by Chef Tim alongside our regular selection of three, delicious Sprig dinners (You can order all four dinners, we won't tell!)

Like Sprig, Chef Tim sources only the best ingredients from places like the Tsukiji Market in Japan and sustainably sourced seafood that’s line caught and fresh, organic produce. Given the care that Chef Tim puts into his ingredients and time and effort he's put into creating each dish for his service this week, each sushi dinner will be priced at $17.

We're so proud to feature and serve the food of incredible chefs like Tim. So much so, we may even make this a regular thing so let us know what you think via Facebook or Twitter and read on for the full menu below!

Sprig and Chef Tim Archuleta’s Sushi Dinner Menu

Week of 12/1:

  • Monday: Spicy Tuna Roll and Nigiri: Tuna, Ocean Trout, Eggplant, Inari.

  • Tuesday: California Roll and Nigiri: Two pieces of Tuna, Eggplant, Inari.

  • Wednesday: Ocean Trout Roll and Nigiri: Albacore Tuna, Tuna, Eggplant, Inari.

  • Thursday: Vegetable Roll and Nigiri: Tuna, Albacore Tuna, Ocean Trout, Inari.

  • Friday: Tuna Roll and Nigiri: Two pieces of Ocean Trout, Eggplant, Inari.