Sprig Turns One: What a Difference a Year Makes!

In April of last year, my three co-founders and I were in cars getting ready to hand-deliver a few of the very first Sprig dinner orders. It was our first night of service. At the time, Sprig only served dinner and was available in just two neighborhoods: SOMA and the Mission. We didn’t have an app yet, and instead relied on Eventbrite where we would invite customers to check out that day’s menu and “RSVP” to place orders. We used the game board and pieces from Settlers of Catan to track orders and servers. It wasn’t sophisticated, but it was our first step on the way towards making it simple to eat well.

And it actually worked.

It worked so well in fact, that just a few months later, Sprig made its public debut on November 4th, 2013. This time, we had a dedicated iPhone app, real Sprig servers, and our executive chef Nate Keller at the helm. To celebrate our opening, we brought “Sprigsgiving” to nearby offices: a cart full of caramel apples, tarts, pumpkin truffles and other treats for our new customers to enjoy. 

Flash forward a year, and a lot has changed. For starters, I’m no longer delivering meals on the regular, though you may spot me or the other Sprig co-founders occasionally taking on a night of service. We now serve both lunch and dinner, and we’re available in the entire city of San Francisco. Those couple dozen nightly dinners have turned into over 230,000 meals delivered to hungry San Franciscans and we’re also proud to have donated over 50,000 meals to local non-profits over the course of our one year. In our quest to make it simple to eat well, we’ve sourced an incredible 260,000lbs of organic, seasonal produce from local farmers which I’m proud to say makes Sprig one of the biggest providers of organic food in the city.

A celebration of Sprig “favorites”

Sprig wouldn't be here without the support and feedback of our amazing customers. Our regulars know that we don't repeat too often, but to celebrate our anniversary today, we're bringing back three of our highest-rated dishes! And in honor of Sprigsgiving our Pastry Chef, Jessica Entzel, has also whipped up a special fall treat: instead of our standard truffle, every lunch and dinner order will get mini caramel apples (gluten-free)!

 Sprig's 1-year Anniversary Dinner Menu

Sprig's 1-year Anniversary Dinner Menu

More Sprig every day, more Sprig every week

Our mission with Sprig remains to make it simple to eat well - for everyone, every day. In one year, we've expanded from a few neighborhoods to the entire city of San Francisco and most recently added Friday to our schedule. 

Now we're happy to get one step closer to our mission: starting at dinner tonight, we will have expanded service hours of 4pm - 10pm. We made these changes for several reasons, not least of all because of the many requests from parents who asked us to better accommodate their little ones eating and sleeping schedule -- and we’re not one to disappoint Chef Keller’s littlest fans!

Finally, we’re also adding Sunday to our dinner service. That's right, starting Sunday, November 9th, you can now order Sprig dinner to help you wind down from your epic weekend and start your Monday off on the right foot.

Suffice it to say, this year has been an incredible journey with lots of hard work, exciting milestones and tough decisions. We can’t wait to see what another year brings us and on behalf of the Sprig team, we look forward to continuing to serve you.