What’s in a Sprig Dish?

  Full Belly Farms   is one of the local farms where Sprig sources beautiful, organic tomatoes like the ones pictured.

Full Belly Farms is one of the local farms where Sprig sources beautiful, organic tomatoes like the ones pictured.

Here at Sprig, we talk a lot about “everyday healthy” food. Now, everyone has a different definition of healthy, so let me tell you a bit about ours.

Everyday healthy at Sprig starts with using the highest quality whole foods available, cooking from scratch, and sourcing seasonal, local, and organic wherever possible. We then strive to make sure all of our meals are thoughtfully portioned and nutritionally balanced. What does this mean in practice?

When we use grains, we focus on whole grains like farro,quinoa, and brown or forbidden rice. Whole grains are full of heart-healthy dietary fiber, break down slowly so they don’t spike your blood sugar, and are great sources of minerals like magnesium.

Our free-range meats are “never-ever”, which means they’re never pumped full of antibiotics or hormones unlike so-called “commodity meat,” which is often filled full of chemicals.

Every dish contains an abundance of fresh, organic, pesticide-free vegetables from farms like Tomatero in Aptos, CA, or Dwelley Farms in Brentwood, CA.

And we don’t use a variety of colors just for the photography — eating the whole rainbow of fruits and vegetables is a common tip to make sure you’re getting the full spectrum of antioxidants and nutrients (i.e. high vitamin A in orange-colored foods, vitamins A, C, and minerals in dark, green, leafy vegetables).

Finally, we may be the only kitchen that doesn’t own a deep fryer!

We’ve also asked our in-house nutritionist to run quick, rough numbers on a couple of recent dishes to keep us honest. You can find a sample dish from last week’s dinner below.

And if you have questions on specific dishes, you can also reach out to me at nate@sprig.com or send our team a tweet at @Sprig and we’d be glad to help.

Spicy Buffalo Chicken Dinner served on 9/9 (estimated nutritional information)

Calories 568.2

Total Fat 12.9 g

Saturated Fat 2.6 g

Polyunsaturated Fat 4.6 g

Monounsaturated Fat 2.5 g

Cholesterol 118.7 mg

Sodium 174.0 mg

Potassium 1,156.3 mg

Total Carbohydrate 77.1 g

Dietary Fiber 10.8 g

Sugars 2.1 g

Protein 36.5 g


Vitamin A 21.1 %

Vitamin B-12 9.1 %

Vitamin B-6 37.9 %

Vitamin C 30.0 %

Vitamin D 0.0 %

Vitamin E 2.5 %

Calcium 10.3 %

Copper 11.7 %

Folate 12.6 %

Iron 19.1 %

Magnesium 24.6 %

Manganese 20.7 %

Niacin 52.5 %

Pantothenic Acid 25.1 %

Phosphorus 33.3 %

Riboflavin 19.8 %

Selenium 29.8 %

Thiamin 25.7 %

Zinc 21.2 %