Sprig: Making it simple to eat well— now on Android

Since officially launching Sprig 7 months ago, I’ve been repeatedly asked by my closest friends: when is Sprig for Android coming out? Well, friends— today’s the day. I’m proud to announce that Sprig is officially live on Android devices.

We’ve been thinking about this release since we launched our initial service. We constantly get e-mails, tweets and even office visits from customers who have been borrowing their roommate’s iPad, dusting off an old iPhone, or swiping a company iDevice just to get a delicious Sprig meal to their door. One customer even bought an iPhone solely for the purpose of ordering Sprig!

And because we want to keep on spreading the Sprig love, we’ve also expanded our recently launched Sprig lunch service to even more delivery areas including four of our most requested neighborhoods: Bernal Heights, the Civic Center, Hayes Valley and the Mission.

While we’re proud of the speed we’ve brought Sprig to Android and new neighborhoods, it was actually a difficult decision not to do it even sooner. The reason? We only want to deliver an exceptional experience to our customers and expanding too quickly without proper systems can compromise that. That’s why we hired Angela Wise, formerly a Product Manager with Uber where she oversaw optimizing supply and demand. In her new role with Sprig, Angela will help us as we scale to ensure every Sprig customer is completely delighted with our service.

Our vision from the start has been to deliver healthy, delicious and sustainably sourced meals to everyone and in such a short time, we’ve expanded our meal service from 3 to 19 neighborhoods; conceived, developed and executed a complete lunch service in just 5 weeks, and refined our delivery process so every meal is delivered straight into the hands of our customers as opposed to meeting us on the curb or in the lobby.

And now, to add to that list, we’re bringing the Sprig experience to all of our Android friends in San Francisco. So, here’s to making the right choice the easy choice on more platforms and to more locations. Enjoy!