Growing Sprig

  Bringing more meals to San Francisco and beyond

Bringing more meals to San Francisco and beyond

Since our team first launched Sprig in November 2013, our vision has always been to make it simple to eat well.

With today’s expansion of Sprig’s meal service to the entire city of San Francisco, Monday — Friday, we’re one step closer to making that vision a reality — but we’re not quite there yet.

Our mission applies to everyone, not just the people of San Francisco. When I say everyone, I mean everyone. And trust me, I realize that’s a crazy, ambitious goal, but in less than a year, we’ve already seen the impact that Sprig has had on the people, families, farmers and communities here in San Francisco. This week we’ll serve our 200,000th meal and we will have donated tens of thousands of meals. We will have sourced over 230,000lbs of organic, local, seasonal produce and we will have worked with hundreds of local farms — and this is just one city.

But in order to move closer towards our vision, to bring Sprig to everyone, our business needs to continue to evolve. That’s why in addition to today’s service expansion, we’re also announcing two changes to your Sprig experience: the introduction of dynamic delivery fees and the addition of California State Tax.

Previously where you may have seen “out for now,” we will now be testing dynamic delivery fees. Dynamic delivery fees will adjust up or down throughout Sprig’s service based on how busy things get and how far away a delivery is. While delivery fees will go up during the rushes — like at 8pm in the Marina — they will also decrease when things are slower, meaning you may even see free delivery!

 Left: what free delivery looks like on bottom left   Right: what an increased delivery fee during dinner rush looks like   

Left: what free delivery looks like on bottom left   Right: what an increased delivery fee during dinner rush looks like


Why are we testing dynamic delivery pricing? Because it will enable us to continue to provide fair compensation for our hard-working Sprig Servers as we continue to expand. Furthermore, it makes Sprig more reliable for you — so you can get a Sprig meal right when you want it, straight to your desk or door.

We will also be adding applicable California State Tax to every Sprig order. Until now we’ve been absorbing this cost. Though it was a tough decision, we decided to add tax in order to continue to source the highest quality organic produce and free-range meats, allowing us to continue to support local farms like Dwelley, Tomatero, Riverdog, and Far West Funghi.

Today’s changes support our commitment to fair compensation for our servers and reliable delivery of delicious organic food for you. They’ll also help us sustainably grow Sprig, bringing the service beyond San Francisco to the rest of the Bay Area, and the country.

We’ve learned a lot in our nearly one year serving San Francisco. While changes are never easy to make, I’m excited that today, we’re one step closer to making it simple for everyone to eat well.