What if "fast food" was "slow food"?

There’s a lot of hype about the “slow food” movement: food should take time, and good food requires a lot of effort. It should be expensive, time-consuming and handcrafted (so the experts say). I find that kind of scary.

On the flip side, people gravitate to what’s easy. Fast food has preyed on this notion and given us terrible-for-us meals that are ridiculously convenient. The same goes for nutrient-bankrupt TV dinners, preservative-filled protein bars and coma-inducing pizza delivery.

At Sprig, we believe in the best parts of fast food and slow food. Sprig is both convenient and created using natural ingredients and real cooking techniques.

Good food shouldn’t be so hard – that’s why these core tenets around convenience are so important to us:

Prompt delivery

Routing a quick delivery to you is critical to us. Using data science and machine learning, we’re able to predict demand and coordinate our delivery team. Our Sprig Servers brave rain, fog, ice or snow to bring you food as quickly as possible. We’re proud that we reset the expectation around delivery: the old days of 90 minute deliveries are over.

Simple menu

Before Sprig, I used to spend 20 minutes just figuring out WHAT I wanted to eat. I’d look through dozens of menus online, and would eventually settle for something good-enough that didn’t quite fit the bill. At Sprig, we’ve intentionally focused our menu so you have several options that’ll hit the spot, but not so many that it’ll overwhelm you.

Hot food

When your food shows up, we want you to be able to dig in right away. So Sprig meals require no assembling, no heating up and absolutely no extra work. This is much harder than sending you a meal that you can microwave upon delivery, but we think it’s worth the effort. Convenience is not just about delivery – it’s also about the time it takes between ordering and eating.


The hundreds of responses to my email last week were so helpful that I ended up sharing them with the entire team at Sprig. Thank you for your help supporting our mission, and we look forward to continuing to make eating well as convenient as possible.


Gagan Biyani

2016: Are you in?

As we kick off 2016, I wanted to share the story with you of why we built Sprig - and why we're obsessively focused on making it easy for you to eat well. 

In 2012, I resolved to make a change. I'd gained 25 pounds since college, was unable to run a mile and was eternally lethargic. I liked eating well, but it wasn't always easy. If I had time, I'd cook a delicious, healthy meal for myself. But too often I got busy - and the next thing I knew I'd be stuffed from greasy take-out and falling asleep at my desk. 

I'm guessing that, like me, you've got a lot going on.  This is why we built Sprig and its seamless ordering experience: so you can have a great lifestyle and a life.  Sprig gives you the gift of time. More time for yourself, for running in the park, for hanging with friends, for binge-watching Game of Thrones.

We're built on a few simple values:

  • Great Ingredients: We source high-quality ingredients (local and organic whenever possible) for the same price as your favorite top restaurants.
  • Clean Cooking: Instead of overdoing it on butter, oils and sugar, our chefs know how to make healthy foods taste good.
  • Convenience: Tap a button and get food that shows up right at your door, hot and ready to eat. 

Sprig has made it easy for me to eat well, and I want the same for you. This year, resolve to eat well without the hassle. Join us in the good food revolution.

Cheers -
Sprig CEO Gagan Biyani and the Sprig Team

Sprig Giving back to the Chicago Community

Sprig is proud to be partnering with the Chicago Tech Community to make sure no families go hungry this holiday season. Sprig is powering on demand donations as part of the #CHITECHFOODDRIVE. Sit back, enjoy a healthy Sprig meal, and make a donation to the Chicago Food Depository all at the same time.

How it works

Donate Food

Use the Sprig app for on-demand pick up from your home or office. Simply select the food donation menu item and give your driver your food donation in one (1) grocery sized bag

Win prizes

We will be selecting Sprig users who donate and share their donation using #CHITECHFOODDRIVE for special prizes over the course of the food drive! Also, the company with the highest lbs of donations per employee will win awesome prizes. In order to associate you donation with a company please make sure to label your bag with your company's name!

Invite Your Friends or Company to Donate

New Sprig customers can use code CHITECH15 for their first Sprig meal FREE along with their food donation. If your company would like to get involved we can provide donation bags and boxes for your office - please reach out to ian [at] sprig.com

Read More

The drive will run from 12/1 through 12/16 - read more here

Participating Companies




Sprout Social

Tech Nexus








Henson Consulting

Relationship Edge

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Eat Well This Week -
Sprig Chicago



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Guest Chef Night with Chef Dana Cree of Blackbird

  Photo: Caleb Condit

Photo: Caleb Condit

Chicago, you’re in for a special treat this week. 

This Thursday, we are delighted to feature Chef Dana Cree, two-time James Beard award nominated pastry chef of the culinary institution Blackbird, on the Sprig menu. Our dinner offing this Thursday, September 3rd, will feature dishes prepared by Sprig in collaboration with Chef Dana. 

Dana’s illustrious career has taken her through some of the world’s most celebrated kitchens in the world, including The Fat Duck in the UK, WD-50 in NYC, and most recently, Blackbird and Avec here in Chicago. Dana’s passion for accessible, complex, delicious dining experiences have inspired her to take on a new role as Culinary Director at 1871 Dairy. Her menu will showcase the delicious grass-based dairy products from the 1871 farm. 

The mission to make quality meals accessible motivates Chef Dana, and is an inspiration she shares with Sprig. In her words:

“The idea that delicious food that nourishes you should be as fast and as accessible as other casual options appeals to me. When I tasted the dishes the culinary team at Sprig created, I knew my own recipes would be perfected in their hands.”
 Braised Moroccan Chicken in 1871 Yogurt-Tahini Sauce

Braised Moroccan Chicken in 1871 Yogurt-Tahini Sauce

I love to make this dish for myself because it’s warm, cinamon-y, and comforting, and really brings out phenomenal flavor of the minimally touched tahini-yogurt sauce.





Grilled Thai-Beef Salad with 1871 Farmer's Cheese

I really enjoy the bright flavors of thai beef, especially in the summer, and I've added sliced beef to my favorite summer salad flavors of stone fruit, jalapeno, sliced and shaved garlic, and a fresh farmer’s cheese 



Mediterranean Snap Pea and Mint Salad served with 1871 Lebne

When I lived in Los Angeles, I regularly walked to a nearby mediterranean restaurant to get three things out of their deli case, fresh baked pita, and eat that for dinner. I would always get Lebne. I’m serving this with a mint-pea salad that brings out the Shabazi spice in the lebne. It’s a delicious vegetarian meal.

Tres Leches Cake

The cake will be like a web, that holds together all of the sweet, caramalized goodness. It will showcase the quality of our milk, which needs nothing added to it to be perfect for the desser. 





Per Sprig Guest Chef tradition, Sprig will be donating a portion of the proceeds of this menu to Chef Dana Cree's charity of choice, Pilotlight, which partners chefs with educators to empower children to make healthier food choices.

Dana concludes:

“I realized I was pouring my entire life into creating an experience that only a select demographic could have, and I would not have had access to it. I want to create something that I could give to everybody.” 

This Thursday she has. We can't wait!


Guest Chef Night with Stuart Brioza

Life is hectic, good food should be simple.

This Thursday we are honored to feature State Bird Provisions' co-owner and Executive Chef, Stuart Brioza, on the Sprig menu! Check out Sprig this Thursday, August 20th for some dishes prepared by Sprig in collaboration with Chef Stuart.

Stuart has been the recipient of many accolades for his culinary exploits across the country. He was named one of Food & Wine’s10 Best New Chefs” of America in 2003 and was named a “Rising Star Chef” by the San Francisco Chronicle in 2005. San Francisco’s very own State Bird Provisions and The Progress are among his latest achievements here in San Francisco and it is in these neighboring locations that he has fine tuned his signature style of blending simplicity with seasonal and local foods.

Chef Stuart recognizes and shares in Sprig’s commitment to quality, no matter the season. People are busy and the ability to order a tasty, quality meal is priceless. In Chef Stuart’s words:

"Sprig is a great group of people who have aligned themselves with quality. They provide an amazing service for busy San Franciscans."
 Spiced Chicken with Preserved Lemon Chickpeas

Spiced Chicken with Preserved Lemon Chickpeas

Preserved Lemon is one of the best ingredients to pair with chicken thighs!

In this recipe we glaze the ribs in their own juices that they steam in, flavored with garlic, rosemary & lemon juice. 
 Lemon Ribs with Roasted Potatoes

Lemon Ribs with Roasted Potatoes

 Ginger-Garlic Chili Tofu

Ginger-Garlic Chili Tofu

I crave kimchi & tofu more than anything, this is a dish that Nicole & I love to make often at home.

Per Sprig Guest Chef tradition, Sprig will be donating a portion of the proceeds of this menu to Chef Stuart Brioza's charity of choice, the SF Food Bank, whose mission is to end hunger in San Francisco and Marin.

Welcome to the new Sprig

Since Sprig launched in 2013, we’ve been obsessively focused on one mission: to make it simple to eat well.

The food industry today asks consumers to constantly make trade-offs: to decide between price and convenience; or between healthy food and tasty food. We set out to combine the nutrition and sustainability of slow food with the speed and convenience of fast food. It’s a complex challenge, but one worth tackling.

As we look ahead toward Sprig’s future, we’re proud to announce several exciting changes that we believe will bring us closer to our long-term goal of making healthy eating universally accessible.

We’re unveiling a new look and feel for Sprig, complete with a brand new logo and photography style.

For inspiration on this new aesthetic, we went back to the basics: our food. Instead of plating meals on an imaginary dining table, we brought our photography straight into the kitchen. This style showcases food as a process, focusing on the ingredients that go into every dish and celebrating the craft with which we compose a dish and produce it at scale.

In the app, we present the photos as an infinite tablescape of vibrant, vegetable-filled Sprig dishes. The experience is a tribute to the basic surface used to prep all of our food: the industrial kitchen counter, with meals in-progress laid out for you to choose from.

As a call for radical transparency in the food industry, Sprig will now show what farms each ingredient is sourced from.

We’re excited to provide radical transparency of our sourcing practices. We could tell you that we only choose the highest quality ingredients, but we’ve decided to show you instead. Every dish now highlights the farms from which all produce, meat, dairy, and grains were sourced.

Why does this matter? Because unlike most mass market food chains or food delivery apps, our customers' health is critical to us, and we believe that eating quality, organic food makes everyone feel better and live longer. We commit to showing you all of the ingredients on Sprig and where they are sourced from. No other food business provides this level of transparency at scale.

With this focus on the future, we will transition our workforce of servers from contractors to employees.

This new model allows us to better develop and retain team members who stand behind our mission, and continue to invest in the entire Sprig customer experience. We will begin to roll out these changes over the next several weeks, and will retain this model as we expand to future markets.

Beyond providing our servers with career development and benefits, this change will also enable us to reward our top performers and most tenured servers through stock option grants, something no other sharing economy company is currently doing.

We are excited to create food that has finally caught up with the way we live. We’d love to hear your feedback on the new Sprig -- email me at gagan.biyani@sprig.com.  

Sprig Guest Chef: Commonwealth's Jason Fox

This Thursday July 30th Sprig is proud to feature three dishes composed by Chef Jason Fox, co-owner and executive chef of Commonwealth!

Jason has been the recipient of many distinctions for his work at Commonwealth including being named one of San Francisco Magazine's People of the Year, receiving the nod as one of the Bay Area’s Rising Stars by Star Chefs, as well as being featured in prominent national publications. Our love for Commonwealth runs deep and we’re excited to check out Oro, Chef Jason’s new restaurant opening later this summer.

Chef Jason shares in Sprig’s vision of wanting to create a memorable dining experience by bringing together local produce and flavors from around the world. In his words:

"I was excited to partner with Sprig because of their commitment to bringing healthy versions of chef-quality food direct to people's homes, without all of the fuss!"


About the inspiration for Chef Jason's menu:

  Yogurt chicken with paprika, rice and roasted sprouting broccoli

Yogurt chicken with paprika, rice and roasted sprouting broccoli

"For years this has been one of my favorite dishes to serve for family-style meal at the restaurant. The chicken tastes exotic and spiced and the dish comes together being paired with comforting rice, making it feel homey and comforting.  It is a healthy start for an evening of fun."
"I love to rub dried seaweed on different cuts of meat for an unexpected twist. It elevates a simple braise on the beef to another level, adding depth of flavor without adding extra fat. I believe there is no such thing as too much umami - so here is a dish with umami in spades!"
  Seaweed rubbed beef brisket with kimchee puree, roasted fingerling potatoes and asparagus

Seaweed rubbed beef brisket with kimchee puree, roasted fingerling potatoes and asparagus

  Carrots roasted over hay with baby beets, goat cheese, quinoa, and watercress

Carrots roasted over hay with baby beets, goat cheese, quinoa, and watercress

"This colorful creation utilizes one of my favorite aromas - smoked hay. The hay gives the dish a slight smokiness and adds a touch of umami to put this salad over the edge. As a big fan of quinoa, this seemed like the perfect protein to lay atop a bed of nutrient rich greens."

Per Sprig Guest Chef tradition, Sprig will be donating a portion of the proceeds from his menu to Chef Jason's charity of choice. Chef Jason's charity is the SF Food Bank whose mission is to end hunger in San Francisco and Marin.

Sprig Guest Chef: Three-Michelin Star Chef Kyle Connaughton

Here at Sprig we’re excited to announce the continuation of our popular guest chef dinner series. This Thursday, July 9 from 5pm - 10pm, only in Chicago,  we’ll be featuring the dinner menu of Chef Kyle Connaughton. Kyle is a close friend of mine and a Sprig advisor. He is also the former head R&D chef at the Three-Michelin star Fat Duck in London and plans to open Single Thread Farms Restaurant & Inn to open in the autumn of 2015. 

Kyle’s menu of hand-prepared bento boxes that fuse flavors from his adopted homeland of Hokkaido, Japan with the local bounty of Chicago was incredible — and really pushed us to think beyond the bounds of our regular food service.

So, we did what anyone else in our position would do when presented with a creative and complicated menu that needs to be cooked and served at scale to thousands of people: we decided to take it even further.

To respect Kyle’s creative vision, To respect Kyle’s creative vision, we sourced biodegradable bento boxes from Japan, scoured the country to find unique ingredients like tatsoi and organic GMO-free yuba, and ordered in cherry blossom wood for smoking wild-caught salmon. We are so excited to share this menu with you. 

One of the reasons we love our guest chef series so much — other than working with some of the best culinary minds in the world — is that we have opportunities like this that push us outside our comfort zone. This menu will showcase a deeper understanding of who Chef Kyle is and also his passion into why he wants to see everyone enjoy Sprig daily. 

We asked Chef Kyle what inspired him to make these dishes for you and he said: 

 Bento Box of Smoked Salmon

Bento Box of Smoked Salmon

Hokkaido, the northern region of Japan, is famous for their hearty miso dishes such as miso ramen. For the chicken before we grill it over the coals we marinate it in white miso and ginger.
 Vegetarian Bento Box of Hodo Soy Yuba

Vegetarian Bento Box of Hodo Soy Yuba



The smoked salmon is a Hokkaido specialty that comes from the indigenous people from the Island, the Ainu. We smoke ours in traditional Japanese earthenware called donabe.



 Bento of Hokkaido "Yakitori" Chicken

Bento of Hokkaido "Yakitori" Chicken


I love the flavor and texture of fresh yuba, which is the delicious skin that forms at the top of the soy milk when making tofu. Here we create a brow rice roll using the yuba as the wrapper and fill the rice with a kind of Japanese style pesto.

Per Sprig Guest Chef tradition, a portion of the proceeds from the menu will be donated to the charity of Chef Kyle’s choice. Kyle Connaughton's non-profit is Chicago based Pilot Light which partners chefs with educators to empower children to make healthier food choices. He is excited to support his culinary colleagues like Matthias Merges and Paul Kahan who are doing amazing work to improve the quality of children's lives through positive food choices. 

Sprig Guest Chef Night: Sam Kass, Personal Chef to President Obama

Sprig's next Guest Chef is one close to our hearts. This Thursday June 25th, we are honored to be featuring three dishes composed by Chef Sam Kass.

Sam Kass was most recently Personal Chef to the Obamas during President Obama's tenure as senator and President. While personal chef at the White House, Sam also served as Executive Director of the First Lady's Let's Move! campaign to combat childhood obesity and was Senior White House Policy Advisor for Nutrition.

For the past months, Sprig has had the privilege of working with Sam and drawing on his experience in Chicago in preparation for our launch in the city. We are so proud to have collaborated with and learned from Sam, and we hope you will join us this Thursday in a celebration of that relationship and our recent launch in Chicago.

Sam was excited to partner with Sprig due to our single-minded focus on delivering nutritional meals via a delightful customer experience. In his words:

Sprig makes eating well simple. One of the biggest challenges to eating well today is that it is time-consuming and expensive. Sprig makes it easy and friendly. Order in the app and get a delicious nutritional meal to your door in 15 minutes.  It’s a mission I believe in and that I am happy to support.


About the inspiration for Chef Sam's menu:

 Pomegranate chicken, wild rice and greens with chili almonds

Pomegranate chicken, wild rice and greens with chili almonds

"This dish is the first dish I ever created with one my favorite ingredients, pomegranate molasses. This is probably one of the most underutilized ingredients out there and I hope people can see the versatility of pomegranates, from their health benefits to their delicious fresh and sweet flavor."

"Chicago also has a rich Mexican American tradition and the chefs I used to work with taught me to work with poblanos to get the most out of them. This dish brings out the rich culture and food of Chicago, and is served with spinach for its high concentration of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals"

 Grilled steak with poblano sauce and sautéed spinach

Grilled steak with poblano sauce and sautéed spinach

 White bean salad with honey-lemon vinaigrette

White bean salad with honey-lemon vinaigrette

"I like to keep dishes and salads in particular simple during the summer months. This is a light, healthy and refreshing salad I've composed for Sprig. The white beans are high in protein but not too heavy for the dish. They go perfectly with the greens and radish."

Per Sprig Guest Chef tradition, a portion of the proceeds from the menu will be donated to the charity of Chef Sam’s choice. Sam Kass' non-profit is Chicago based Pilot Light which partners chefs with educators to empower children to make healthier food choices.