Sprig Guest Chef: Three-Michelin Star Chef Kyle Connaughton

Here at Sprig we’re excited to announce the continuation of our popular guest chef dinner series. This Thursday, July 9 from 5pm - 10pm, only in Chicago,  we’ll be featuring the dinner menu of Chef Kyle Connaughton. Kyle is a close friend of mine and a Sprig advisor. He is also the former head R&D chef at the Three-Michelin star Fat Duck in London and plans to open Single Thread Farms Restaurant & Inn to open in the autumn of 2015. 

Kyle’s menu of hand-prepared bento boxes that fuse flavors from his adopted homeland of Hokkaido, Japan with the local bounty of Chicago was incredible — and really pushed us to think beyond the bounds of our regular food service.

So, we did what anyone else in our position would do when presented with a creative and complicated menu that needs to be cooked and served at scale to thousands of people: we decided to take it even further.

To respect Kyle’s creative vision, To respect Kyle’s creative vision, we sourced biodegradable bento boxes from Japan, scoured the country to find unique ingredients like tatsoi and organic GMO-free yuba, and ordered in cherry blossom wood for smoking wild-caught salmon. We are so excited to share this menu with you. 

One of the reasons we love our guest chef series so much — other than working with some of the best culinary minds in the world — is that we have opportunities like this that push us outside our comfort zone. This menu will showcase a deeper understanding of who Chef Kyle is and also his passion into why he wants to see everyone enjoy Sprig daily. 

We asked Chef Kyle what inspired him to make these dishes for you and he said: 

 Bento Box of Smoked Salmon

Bento Box of Smoked Salmon

Hokkaido, the northern region of Japan, is famous for their hearty miso dishes such as miso ramen. For the chicken before we grill it over the coals we marinate it in white miso and ginger.
 Vegetarian Bento Box of Hodo Soy Yuba

Vegetarian Bento Box of Hodo Soy Yuba



The smoked salmon is a Hokkaido specialty that comes from the indigenous people from the Island, the Ainu. We smoke ours in traditional Japanese earthenware called donabe.



 Bento of Hokkaido "Yakitori" Chicken

Bento of Hokkaido "Yakitori" Chicken


I love the flavor and texture of fresh yuba, which is the delicious skin that forms at the top of the soy milk when making tofu. Here we create a brow rice roll using the yuba as the wrapper and fill the rice with a kind of Japanese style pesto.

Per Sprig Guest Chef tradition, a portion of the proceeds from the menu will be donated to the charity of Chef Kyle’s choice. Kyle Connaughton's non-profit is Chicago based Pilot Light which partners chefs with educators to empower children to make healthier food choices. He is excited to support his culinary colleagues like Matthias Merges and Paul Kahan who are doing amazing work to improve the quality of children's lives through positive food choices. 

Sprig Guest Chef Night: Sam Kass, Personal Chef to President Obama

Sprig's next Guest Chef is one close to our hearts. This Thursday June 25th, we are honored to be featuring three dishes composed by Chef Sam Kass.

Sam Kass was most recently Personal Chef to the Obamas during President Obama's tenure as senator and President. While personal chef at the White House, Sam also served as Executive Director of the First Lady's Let's Move! campaign to combat childhood obesity and was Senior White House Policy Advisor for Nutrition.

For the past months, Sprig has had the privilege of working with Sam and drawing on his experience in Chicago in preparation for our launch in the city. We are so proud to have collaborated with and learned from Sam, and we hope you will join us this Thursday in a celebration of that relationship and our recent launch in Chicago.

Sam was excited to partner with Sprig due to our single-minded focus on delivering nutritional meals via a delightful customer experience. In his words:

Sprig makes eating well simple. One of the biggest challenges to eating well today is that it is time-consuming and expensive. Sprig makes it easy and friendly. Order in the app and get a delicious nutritional meal to your door in 15 minutes.  It’s a mission I believe in and that I am happy to support.


About the inspiration for Chef Sam's menu:

 Pomegranate chicken, wild rice and greens with chili almonds

Pomegranate chicken, wild rice and greens with chili almonds

"This dish is the first dish I ever created with one my favorite ingredients, pomegranate molasses. This is probably one of the most underutilized ingredients out there and I hope people can see the versatility of pomegranates, from their health benefits to their delicious fresh and sweet flavor."

"Chicago also has a rich Mexican American tradition and the chefs I used to work with taught me to work with poblanos to get the most out of them. This dish brings out the rich culture and food of Chicago, and is served with spinach for its high concentration of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals"

 Grilled steak with poblano sauce and sautéed spinach

Grilled steak with poblano sauce and sautéed spinach

 White bean salad with honey-lemon vinaigrette

White bean salad with honey-lemon vinaigrette

"I like to keep dishes and salads in particular simple during the summer months. This is a light, healthy and refreshing salad I've composed for Sprig. The white beans are high in protein but not too heavy for the dish. They go perfectly with the greens and radish."

Per Sprig Guest Chef tradition, a portion of the proceeds from the menu will be donated to the charity of Chef Sam’s choice. Sam Kass' non-profit is Chicago based Pilot Light which partners chefs with educators to empower children to make healthier food choices.

Sprig ❤ Chicago: Eating Well in Chicago Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

Sprig’s goal has always been to make a global impact on our modern food system. We launched in San Francisco just 18 months ago and since then have delivered over 500,000 organic meals in an average of 15 minutes. It has quickly become a cultural phenomenon amongst busy families and working professionals: our customers eat Sprig multiple times a week.

Today, we continue on our mission to make eating well accessible to everyone by launching Sprig in Chicago.

We hope Sprig can make life a little easier for the hard-working people of Chicago. It’s as simple as opening our app when you’re hungry and choosing between a rotating menu of meal options. Your fresh, healthy meal arrives hot faster than you can cook.

Our meals are wholesome, healthy and delicious, so you can feel good about eating Sprig daily.

Why Chicago?

Chicago is one of the pre-eminent food cities in the world. Recently it’s played home to the James Beard Awards and the National Restaurant Association Show, and it also has a rich history of exceedingly delicious and innovative food. Chicagoans seem to be more and more interested in organic and sustainable cuisine.

Furthermore, Chicago has a fantastic technology community and successful startups have boomed for the last several years. On top of big hits such as Groupon, there are dozens of young companies making national headlines. Co-working spaces such as 1871 (where the local Sprig team is based) are even getting the support of the Chicago Chamber of Commerce. Google has established rich roots in the city and are in the process of converting the Fulton Market Cold Storage building into their soon-to-be new expansive offices in the West Loop. Since the industrial age, Chicago has always been on the cutting edge.

We know the people of Chicago work hard, and we think you deserve to come home and enjoy a delicious meal without compromising quality, nutrition or taste.

What makes Sprig different from a restaurant?

We believe the current food system forces consumers to make a tough decision: quality or convenience? Either pay high prices and long waits or choose the easy option and risk your health. With Sprig, you can have both:

  1. Quality — Responsible Sourcing and Clean Cooking. We make all of our meals in-house, which means you can trust in our sourcing. Our produce is organic and our meats are sustainably raised (free-range, hormone-free, GMO-free and antibiotic-free) and we don’t abuse oil, fat, salt or sugar to compensate for low-quality ingredients. Instead, we use organic produce and clean cooking techniques to create meals you can eat daily. For example, our meatloaf recipe doesn’t include bread, butter or added fat but the dish is still hearty and delicious. And of course it comes with a side of organic sweet potatoes and cauliflower to ensure you feel good instead of heavy.
  2. Convenience — Magical delivery times. Chicago is a bustling city with a no-nonsense culture. So why should you wait over an hour for your food to arrive? You deserve better. That’s why we target a 15 minute average delivery time and usually have deliveries between 10–25 minutes. Even in Chicago? With the traffic? Yes, even in Chicago. That’s the magic of Sprig.

We truly hope Chicagoans enjoy the delights of Sprig and we look forward to hearing what you think! You can reach us on Twitter at @Sprig_Chi, or via e-mail at support@sprig.com.

Sprig's Mother's Day Special Guest Chef

I am so excited to announce a very special Sprig guest chef: my amazing mother, Heidi Keller. This Mother’s Day (Sunday, May 10), I invite you to join the Sprig family and enjoy dishes from my childhood for dinner.

Mom raised me on her own as a single mother while also working as a busy executive. But no matter how busy she was, she insisted that we sit down and eat as a family. We grew produce in our garden and cooked and ate nearly every meal together. Food was family, and family was love.

As Mom remarried and our family grew to include my stepfather and brother, food bound us together. We invited work acquaintances and school friends to our holiday feasts and took to calling our guests ‘the orphans.’ Through food, eating and celebrating, we continued to grow the family.

This Mother’s Day, we dedicate the Sprig menu to Heidi Keller. And she’ll actually be in the Sprig kitchen with me, helping make the meals and reminiscing along the way! I can’t wait for you to get to taste the food I was raised on – I hope you love it as much as I do.

-Nate Keller, Founding Executive Chef

Sprig's Mother's Day menu:


Chicken Pipian Verde

Mom fell in love with this dish while traveling the Yucatan with my Dad. She brought her own take to the dish, using produce we grew in our garden, and it became a staple of our dinner table growing up. As we cooked dinner together the recipe was passed down to me, and it's always held a special emotional significance to the both of us.

N8's Mom's Taco Bowl

Our family has been eating this dish for as long as I can remember. Mom described them as her version of a "trashy Texas taco." My brother and I just called them Mom's Tacos and we would literally race to the kitchen when we'd hear they were on the menu!

Mushroom and Swiss Chard Lasagna with Saffron Cauliflower

Mom developed this lasagna recipe while she was teaching at the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op. She taught a vegetarian class and this dish became a hit not just with the students but with us at home as well. You can feel good about about what you're eating in this dish and also love the huge flavors.

Taking Sprig National

Taking Sprig National

For decades, the food industry has presented consumers with an unfair choice between convenience and quality. We are so used to making that trade-off that we conflate the phrase “fast food” with “bad food.” We started Sprig because we believed that dichotomy needs to end.

Sprig is a dead simple idea: tap a button on your phone, get a healthy meal delivered in 15 minutes.

Today in San Francisco, we’ve already made “fast food” synonymous with “great food” and the response has been overwhelming: in the 16 months since we launched, Sprig has served half a million meals to San Francisco locals. During that time, we’ve sourced over 400,000 pounds of organic produce from local farmers and grown from a team of 4 to a company of 100 full-time employees. It’s time to take this to the next level.

Today, I’m proud to announce a $45 million Series B that will help us take Sprig national. We want nobody in America will have to decide between eating well and eating fast.

Sprig's next Guest Chef: 4505 Meat's Ryan Farr

We’re proud to announce that Sprig’s April Guest Chef is 4505 Meats’ Ryan Farr! Use Sprig this Thursday April 16th and sample some highlights from the 4505 smokehouse.

Chef Farr was excited to share his love of barbecue and its ability to bring family and friends alike together in a relaxed and communal atmosphere. In his words:

"The people at Sprig are an amazing group. I love working with them as they, like me, value high-quality sourcing and staying true to ingredients' natural flavors. I am so excited about being able to share my homestyle BBQ with a new audience and bringing my cooking into your homes."

       Pulled Pork : Slowly cooked, spice rubbed heritage pork shoulder tossed with a tangy moppin' sauce. Served over creamy white cheddar maple grits with a green bean-black eyed pea salad with toasted almonds, shaved red onions, parsley, and sherry vinaigrette.


Pulled Pork: Slowly cooked, spice rubbed heritage pork shoulder tossed with a tangy moppin' sauce. Served over creamy white cheddar maple grits with a green bean-black eyed pea salad with toasted almonds, shaved red onions, parsley, and sherry vinaigrette.

       Smoked Chicken : Juicy brined, spice rubbed, hickory smoked and shredded free-range chicken thighs. Served with baked beans and braised collard greens with caramelized onions and ham hocks.


Smoked Chicken: Juicy brined, spice rubbed, hickory smoked and shredded free-range chicken thighs. Served with baked beans and braised collard greens with caramelized onions and ham hocks.

       Roasted Squash Panzanella : Roasted butternut squash with toasted sourdough bread, fresh thyme, toasted walnuts, dried cranberries in a toasted hazelnut vinaigrette. All served on a bed of kale topped with pecorino cheese.


Roasted Squash Panzanella: Roasted butternut squash with toasted sourdough bread, fresh thyme, toasted walnuts, dried cranberries in a toasted hazelnut vinaigrette. All served on a bed of kale topped with pecorino cheese.

About the inspiration for Chef Farr’s menu:

“I love simple, upfront food. I see my restaurant as a casual experience; it’s all about community. I’ve travelled all around the country to find the best BBQ, and while each region might have specific tastes and differences the one thing they all have in common is they build community and bring people together. I want to convey that ethos in my restaurants at 4505 and what better way to spread it even further than by sharing my food with the Sprig community.”

Per Sprig Guest Chef tradition, a portion of the proceeds from the menu will be donated to the chef’s charity of choice. 4505’s own charity, Feed the Pig, supports non-profit and school organizations dedicated to improving the lives of children and families around the Bay. April’s designated charity is CECSF, aiding children and adults with motor disorders by promoting Conductive Education.

We hope you enjoy Chef Farr’s menu as much as we enjoyed putting it together.


Sprig's next Guest Chef: SPQR's Matthew Accarrino

Sprig's next Guest Chef: SPQR's Matthew Accarrino

After featuring some of the best chefs in the Bay Area (we’d argue, the world ;) during our Guest Chef series last year, we’re so excited to announce some of the newest names to our 2015 Guest Chef series.

This Thursday, March 26th, we’re featuring James Beard 2015 Semifinalist for Best Chef in the West and Food & Wine’s Best New Chef of 2014, Chef Matthew Accarrino of the wildly celebrated SPQR.

Chef Matt was excited to partner with Sprig because of our shared focus on healthy, local ingredients. He’s also an avid cyclist, and believes strongly in our mission to make it simple to eat well. His menu is heavily inspired by the foods he grew up with, but also the recipes that he creates and enjoys at home to make him feel healthy and balanced.

Sprig: Now with a Side of Web Ordering

 Now you can order Sprig via your desktop: Sprig.com!

Now you can order Sprig via your desktop: Sprig.com!

Starting today you can now view Sprig menus (including ingredients and nutritional information) and order meals directly from your desktop at Sprig.com!

Here’s how it works:

  • For new Sprig customers, you’ll be prompted to create an account and once you enter in your info, can get ordering.
  • For existing Sprig customers, just enter in your login information on Sprig.com and you can start ordering right away.
  • Your address information will be stored and shared across all platforms (meaning you don't have to re-add used addresses if you interchange between ordering on desktop, iOS or Android.
  • You can also track your order status right in your phone.
  • We currently don’t offer the ability to buy gift certificates, Sprig Go or use promotional codes via desktop as we require unique mobile device identification for security purposes. But if you’ve already purchased Sprig Go via iOS or Android, it will be directly applied to your desktop order via your account.

We’re so excited to give you another platform to order and enjoy healthy Sprig meals. We can’t wait to see how you use it and hear your feedback. Email us feedback or comments at support@sprig,com or tweet us at @Sprig to let us know what you think!



Sprig GO: Helping achieve a Pareto improving pricing approach and reducing delivery costs

A few months ago, we introduced delivery congestion pricing, with the aim of smoothing out our demand and allowing for the supply of drivers to meet demand for orders. However, we knew that raising prices to maintain a smooth delivery system would directly affect our customers, since they incur a higher delivery cost if they are ordering at the same time as many other customers.

In January we introduced Sprig GO, which takes a step towards alleviating pricing concerns by making our delivery system more efficient, and reducing delivery fees to our most frequent customers. Sprig GO prevents frequent customers from paying for congestion, which is caused by unforeseen demand fluctuations. After some analysis, we became even more excited when we realized that Sprig GO combined with congestion pricing has the potential to improve the delivery experience for every individual in our customer base.

In this post, we present why the combination of Sprig GO and congestion pricing can improve the monthly delivery experience for all of our individual customers. This can also be described as a Pareto improvement in our delivery system, since it allows all customers to experience a better delivery service, in contrast to our system without Sprig GO and congestion pricing.

Take a look at the complete version of the post here.

A New Year, A New Sprig

 More Sprig coming at you!

More Sprig coming at you!

A new year always brings with it the best of intentions: eating better, working out and creating better habits. And as many of us know (myself included!) it can be hard to keep those resolutions past January. This year, Sprig hopes to make some of your New Year’s resolutions not just a one-off, but part of your everyday routine by making it even simpler to eat well for more people.

Bringing Sprig to More People:

Starting today, Sprig is beginning its expansion from San Francisco to the entire Peninsula -- meaning nearly 1M more people will have access to Sprig’s healthy, organic and ready to eat meals that are delivered to your door in minutes for $10.

We’re starting off first with Sprig Palo Alto where we’ll be serving dinner 4pm - 10pm, 7 days a week.  We'll be quickly growing into more neighborhoods and cities in the Bay Area.

More Sprig, More Often:

To make it even simpler to order Sprig, we’re also extending our San Francisco hours to 12/7 -- or in other words, making Sprig available from 10am - 10pm, 7 days a week.

We’re also adding brunch service to our menu that will be available on Saturdays and Sundays starting first in San Francisco and available soon to the rest of the Peninsula. So whether you’ve had a late night with friends or just don’t want to get out of your PJs, Sprig will be there in minutes with a satisfying breakfast.

Even Simpler to Order Sprig:

Finally, we wanted to make it even easier to order Sprig and are excited to introduce Sprig Go -- our unlimited delivery plan. Sprig Go means that customers can now order as many meals as they want, without having to worry about delivery fees each time. You can also sign up or cancel at anytime. Sprig Go will be priced $10/month for a limited time during our beta phase.

It was no small feat to make these changes possible so that customers throughout San Francisco and now the Peninsula can now get a healthy, ready to eat meal in minutes. I’m so proud of the entire Sprig team who has worked relentlessly to make it happen. While we may not be able to help with all your New Year’s resolutions, we’re certainly excited to make it easier to eat well for new and existing Sprig customers in 2015 and beyond.