Sprig Company News

Dear friends and customers,

It is with a heavy heart that my co-founders and I share that Sprig, Inc. will be shutting down the app today. We apologize to those of you who relied on Sprig for daily meals, and to our extended Sprig team for how this will impact them.

Food delivery has a bright future, and I’m proud of the work we have done at Sprig that has had a positive impact on the space.

To our employees: thank you. You provided the best customer service in the industry and created innovations that were admired by your peers. You created a daily rotating menu with hundreds of different dishes served, you prepared the most delicious delivery food I’ve ever tasted, you built a 100% self-engineered system that delivered industry-leading transparency and accountability in our ingredient sources and nutritional data, and you created a logistics engine that let us bring food to people hot and ready to eat often in less than 15 minutes. All of our employees, including our servers, kitchen, hub and HQ staff, will receive two months pay as part of the close down. More importantly, we will be hosting career days to help you on your next path. You are armed with experiences that will help accelerate your career and we will be there to help you succeed. (Note: If you are a company that is hiring and interested in talking to our team, please e-mail us at jobs@sprig.com.)

To our customers: you have been our inspiration on this journey. Thank you for the tremendous word-of-mouth growth and feedback you’ve provided us: your messages, phone calls, photos, and reviews made this all worthwhile. We’re proud to have delivered millions of meals to you, and hope you keep demanding the best from the companies that feed you. Four years ago, food delivery was a pain -- expensive, hard to find, and poor quality. Today, there are thousands of restaurants delivering amazing food to you; we’re hopeful for the future.  

To the press and public: No question, I’m sad that the Sprig model did not work out -- but the food delivery space on the whole is growing. The demand for Sprig’s convenient, high-quality food was always incredibly high, but the complexity of owning meal production through delivery at scale was a challenge. After spending four years as a food-tech industry insider, I’m amazed at what the space has become. Food is one of the foundations of society and I believe strongly that it must become more sustainable and ethical. I’m hopeful that the food delivery companies that are succeeding will make this a priority. Please continue to help us inspire change: encourage sustainable food systems, better treatment of workers and more awareness of nutrition. These are serious issues and they cannot have enough attention.

As for me, my primary goal for the coming weeks is to ensure our team members find their next steps. After that, some time for personal reflection, then off to the next venture.

Thank you for everything,




Sprig Market Grand Opening!


Come Eat With Us!

We are thrilled to announce the grand opening of Sprig Market. The market is our fast casual restaurant located at our production kitchen. Now you can order directly from our kitchen and dine in our newly remodeled dining room, or take it to go. Enjoy all your Sprig favorites without the delivery fee! Come drop in and say hi today, our friendly hosts would be happy to take care of you.

Sprig Market
Where: 590 Van Ness Ave (corner of Van Ness & Golden Gate)
When: 10:00am - 10:00pm Monday - Friday

Carve out some time...


Can you remember the last time you carved your very own chicken? Our guess is that it has been a while. We get it, who has an hour and a half to prepare a bird from scratch? And carving can be so intimidating... yet the idea of sitting down next to your whole roasted chicken, grinning with delight across the table from your special person is so alluring...


Be emboldened! Take hold of your well-deserved, locally-sourced, antibiotic-free, hormone-free, dry-brined Whole Roasted Chicken with wilted organic arugula, charred lemon and chimichurri. It’s elegant and versatile, juicy and tender. Pairing it with sides is a cinch - get our Spicy Garlic Broccoli and Roasted Rosemary Garlic Rainbow Potatoes to round it out.


When it’s time to dig in, the art of chicken carving is simpler than you think:

Step 1: Use a sharp kitchen knife to make a deep slice vertically down the center of the chicken. Then cut along the inside of the thigh to remove the breast meat from the rib cage. Do this on both sides of the breast bone.

Step 2: Next, remove the legs by pulling the bone away from one side of the chicken, then cut through the connective joint and give it a wiggle to remove the entire leg and thigh.

Step 3: Carve the wings in the same way. Pull each wing away from the chicken, cut through the connective joint, the give it a wiggle to remove.

PRO TIP: Throw the bones in a crockpot and cover with a little water and let it go on low all night to make your own bone broth.



Happy International Women's Day! Today is a global day to celebrate the achievements of women and draw attention to issues that women face today.

We wanted to take the opportunity to shine the spotlight on one of our long-time partners, Three Babes Bakeshop. Three Babes is known for their pies filled with organic, seasonal ingredients and their commitment to creating positive change in the community through food.

We recently spent some time with the founders, Anna and Lenore to learn about their journey as women entrepreneurs (and to make pies, of course.)


Friends since they were nine years old, Anna and Lenore were raised in a farming community in the Central Valley. They grew up with strong female role models—their moms. Moms who were on the front lines of the feminist movement in the 70’s. Moms who kept their own last names and were equals with their spouses. Moms who ran their own companies. Moms who spearheaded social justice ventures in the community. Moms (and dads) who taught them how to make pies.

Years later, The Babes went their separate ways to college, and eventual careers on opposite coasts. While Anna worked as a buyer for a natural grocery store, Lenore tried jobs in a number of industries, but struggled to find a career that gave her a sense of purpose. Eventually, she found herself at an impasse: If she didn’t make a change, she would never have the career she truly wanted. With a little encouragement from her friend Anna, they decided to start their own business...


What was that turning point like for you? How did you decide on pies?  

We used to bake together for fun when we were growing up, so a food business was a natural choice. But there were lots of things we enjoyed making—we had to narrow down the list. So we asked ourselves “What special experience or expertise do we have?”


You went back to your roots!

Yeah! We are both proud daughters of the Central Valley, and we grew up eating and cooking with amazing produce. Pies allowed us to master one product, but the filling is always changing, so we get to speak to all kinds of interesting issues and work directly with farmers from the community we grew up in. We had no money and had no idea if we would like having a business or whether people would even like our pies, so we ended up raising $10k on Kickstarter to have a pie popup for the summer. We had a great response from the community and the business just grew from there..


How do you see your role in influencing the food industry?

As a business, every time you spend money, you are voting with your dollars. Three Babes is committed to supporting local jobs, and responsible environmental practices. We are voting for the system we want. We are also lucky to have built an amazing team. We couldn’t do this without our employees, who share our values and our commitment to quality.


What #BeBoldForChange issue would you like to highlight?

Women face all the same career struggles men do, with the added difficulty of having to think about a timeline for kids. Many people (women and men) invest a lot of time and/or money in their careers before truly understanding what it is they want to do, but for women, by the time they figure out that they’d like to make a change it’s too late to switch before having kids. On top of that, the expense of childcare means that it often doesn’t make sense financially for women with more than one child—even those who love their jobs—to continue working. If we want gender equality in the workplace, and more women to rise to leadership positions—whatever their field of work—our society needs to come together to create more affordable and reliable solutions for childcare.


Celebrate with pie!

We’re featuring Three Babes Blueberry Crumble because it’s delicious and it just so happens to be the official color of International Women’s day. PURPLE, symbolizing dignity and justice.


We’ve Turned Over A New Leaf!

For the past 6 months, we’ve been cooking up a new Sprig menu, and we’re thrilled to finally share it with you. 

One big change: we’re expanding from offering just 4-5 dishes a day to a full menu with more than 20 new entrees, sides, and proteins that you can mix and match to create the exact meal you’re craving. We’re also upping the ante on taste and quality while continuing to offer great value.


Group-friendly options

While Sprig’s always been great for busy solo diners, our new, customizable menu is also perfect for groups, couples, offices, and families (and extra-hungry people). And we’ll have more options for vegetarians and those with restrictions or preferences like gluten-free or Paleo.


More delicious dishes

The new menu features plenty of brand-new options, plus your Sprig favorites made even better. Using high-quality ingredients and seasonal produce, we’re serving up wholesome, nutritious, and balanced dishes, as well as classic, heartier meals. We rotate our options based on what’s in season, and you can now order these faves any day of the week, rather than waiting for them to pop up in a weekly rotation.

Here’s what you’ll find on the new Sprig menu…

  • Star main dishes like Korean BBQ Chicken and Savory Braised Beef Stew

  • Tasty new dishes like the Spicy Tofu Bowl with Farro. Nutty, crunchy… seriously delicious.

  • New “sides” category. Think Kale, Quinoa & Avocado Salad, Roasted Winter Vegetables, and Rancher's Mac & Cheese. Tip: Our sides make great shareable starters for a group.

  • Salads and bowls with interchangeable proteins like fish and chicken. Great for vegetarian and paleo diets!

  • No naked vegetables. We like our veggies marinated, garnished, and well-dressed...

  • More gluten-free dishes. We’ve stopped using flour as a thickening agent in many of our recipes.

  • We’re bringing crispy back! It’s challenging to deliver that perfectly satisfying crunch, so we got creative. All of our chicken entrees come complete with crispy chicken cracklins and crispy onions.


From our kitchen to your door

After two years of delivering thousands of meals per day, we had a lot of data. We heard customers talk about their favorite delivery experiences - ones where the food was the highlight and the delivery came within a reasonable timeframe.

Rather than loading cars with meals ready to deliver, our meals are now packed to order and delivered straight from our kitchen to you. Using this method, you should have more reliable delivery times and even fresher food. We’ll also be able to offer a number of menu items that require last-minute finishes in our kitchen as well as a greater amount of customization.

Sprig’s goal is to take delivery food from edible to unforgettable. Our tasting panel samples every dish on our menu, constantly looking for ways to improve your Sprig experience. We’ll be fine-tuning and expanding our menu over the next few months, so we’d love your feedback. Download the new app, give us a try, and let me know what you think!


Gagan Biyani,

Co-Founder and CEO


Sprig x Smitten Collab: Big Ideas, Small Batch.

Introducing our limited-run half pint of Sprig x Smitten Cheesecake Ice Cream with Raspberry Drizzle! This original creation tastes like frozen cheesecake batter but has all the health benefits of a probiotic. Can you guess the secret ingredient? Read on to learn more…

This summer, we teamed up with Smitten Ice Cream to deliver half-pints-of-joy to your door every weekend, all season long (you’re welcome). During this time, we also had the opportunity to collaborate with Smitten on creating a custom flavor! Jessica Entzel, our executive research and development chef, was thrilled. Afterall, she is notorious for scheduling “ice cream meetings” in lieu of coffee dates at Smitten’s Hayes Valley shop.

We’re keen on Smitten for a few reasons:
1) They’re a San Francisco-born company, and their flagship is just a stone’s throw away from our office.
2) Like us, they aim to craft pure delight, using organic, sustainable and seasonal ingredients.
3) They let us play with their ice-cream making toys. They have innovative and patented technology that creates a super creamy texture (with tiny crystals) and an intensely concentrated flavor (without any nasty stabilizers, emulsifiers, or preservatives).

Together, we set out to develop an ice cream flavor that would blow minds and epitomize San Francisco end-of-summer vibes. To begin, Jes knew that she wanted to make an ice cream that would be a fun twist on “health-food” — a shout out to all you granolas out there. She had already been experimenting with Kefir (a tangy cousin of yogurt) and thought it might make for a refreshing ice cream base. She was right: Kefir’s probiotic qualities, combined with the buttermilk-like flavor, made for the PERFECT secret ingredient. Shhh!!

But how much Kefir? Add too much, and the texture turned icy and hard. Add too little, and the distinctive flavor was lost. The team kept at it, and found that one part Kefir, plus two parts Smitten-base was just the right ratio… tangy, light, and creamy! Delicious! *Celebratory spoon clink* The next day, Jes brought her Kefir-infused-base to the Smitten test kitchen and the creative juices kept flowing from there. Robyn Sue Fisher, Smitten’s Founder and Chief Brrrista, suggested adding a crunch-factor into the equation. Oatmeal cookies, perhaps? Yes! How about seasonal berries? Indeed! The result? A Kefir-based ice cream, churned with oatmeal cookie crumbles, and layered with raspberry drizzle. A true Sprig x Smitten collaboration and a new ice cream flavor that wins hearts and tummies.

Grab your half-pint today! Sprig x Smitten Cheesecake Ice Cream with Raspberry Drizzle will not be around for long. This original creation is only available a limited time on Sprig’s menu or at Smitten’s Pacific Heights shop.

Does it get any sweeter? Use this promo code for $2 off the new ice cream on the app: smallbatchlove

Sprig’s customer promise and changes ahead

At Sprig, we are focused on a singular mission: to make it easy to get a delicious meal delivered to your door when you’re ready to eat. This hasn’t changed from day one, when we accepted our first orders via a combination of EventBrite and Google docs, and moved game pieces on a printed city map to track driver locations. Since then, we’ve evolved into a much more efficient end-to-end operation that’s both a food business and a logistics business -- both powered by technology. As we grow as a company in the broader on-demand space, I wanted to share some updates on how we plan to continue to fulfill this mission, and the thinking behind our decisions as we scale.

Today, we have a product people love and order on average once a week. We currently serve thousands of meals per day. Through increased improvements in efficiencies of our kitchen ops, we’ve decreased our costs per meal box by more than 22% over the past few months, and are now close to unit profitability in San Francisco. As we’ve continued to scale, we’ve realized that in order to keep up with demand and continue to uphold the high quality experience we’re committed to delivering to our users, we need to change the way we deliver our food on the back end.

The hardest businesses are often the ones most worth pursuing, and Sprig is both of these. Cooking and delivering real food is challenging, but it is the only way to make a positive impact on one of our country's most broken industries. To achieve that mission, our goal is to be the best food service out there. We are in a good position today but we know we can do better.

Overwhelmingly, the #1 piece of feedback we receive from our customers is that they want more variety, and more food options to choose from. We’ve fallen short here in recent months, and we’ve spent a lot of time reviewing every aspect of our model to see how we can solve for this going forward.

Our current delivery model is centered around using our predictive analytics to send our servers to different neighborhoods with a set number of each meal during a given time window. This is based on what meals we expect people to order when, and when this works well, the exact Sprig dish you wanted arrives to you within five minutes. When it does not work, a dish you may have wanted has sold out in the area nearest you and is not available. This leaves a user with fewer options than the 4-5 dishes she expected to choose from when opening the app.

To deliver the best possible experience for our users, we have learned that we need to ensure 1) there’s a dish option they want and 2) that it’s available in a reliable, reasonable time frame. These are critical to the long-term success of our business, and in order to achieve these and build the best path forward, we need to make significant operational changes to the back end of Sprig.

Over the coming weeks, we will begin testing and implementing a new logistics model that we believe will allow us to offer more options and better availability at the same price point. This will also allow for group ordering, which we’ve been quietly testing in recent weeks during the office lunch hour. More importantly, these changes will allow us to offer a larger number of different dishes, as well as an assortment of sides and other add-ons. You may have noticed in over the past two weeks, we’ve increased the menu to 8-9 dishes, and have already seen an increase in orders with the new options.

As part of this evolution, we’ve made some hard choices to deliver on these improvements. We’ve decided to pause operations in Chicago for the time being to focus our company efforts on building out this new operational model. It is incredibly difficult to make and test changes to a new model in multiple markets, and we don’t want to hedge our bets with two different paths in two cities. We’re going all-in on our new model, and scaling Chicago back now allows us to be nimble and then re-start with the updated model once we’ve fine-tuned it in San Francisco. Chicago has been a great home for Sprig--since launch, we’ve delivered hundreds of thousands of meals. We are sad to part ways with our local team members and are thankful for all our customers’ support. When we resume service in Chicago, we promise to have an even more delicious and convenient product than ever before.

We have also decided that Sprig needs a slightly different team to execute this strategy, so we have made the very tough decision to eliminate seven roles in marketing and operations as they are not integral to our new model. These are the hardest kind of decisions, and we are sad to part ways with these team members. We are working hard to find them positions at new companies, have provided them with meaningful exit packages, and are grateful for all their contributions that got us here today.

The food space is not easy. We are lucky to be in a strong financial position with tens of millions of dollars in the bank and years of runway. This gives us the time to proactively test changes and perfect our business model to build the best large-scale business for the long term.

If you haven’t tried Sprig yet, I’d love your feedback on how we can become your easiest, most reliable, most delicious option for every day--and If you have, please continue to share feedback in the coming weeks and months and tell us how we’re doing.

Gagan Biyani  

Guest Chef Week featuring David Nayfeld of Eleven Madison Park

We’ve got special news at Sprig - we are bringing back the Guest Chef Series. The Chef Series has featured renowned chefs such as Stuart Brioza of State Bird Provisions, Cortney Burns and Nick Balla of Bar Tartine, and Matthew Accarrino of SPQR.

The Sprig Guest Chef Series was created because we wanted to share wonderful meals at your table that were created by our favorite industry leaders. This week we are proud to present David Nayfeld of New York’s much-lauded Eleven Madison Park (recently ranked as one of the top restaurants in the world). David has also worked at Robuchon, Mirazur, and Nobu, and is launching the new SF Italian eatery Che Fico at the end of this year.

We are excited to share David’s featured meals with you this week, which combine his passion for flavor and seasonal ingredients with his inspiration from recent travels throughout Italy to create delicious, practical meals to enjoy with family and friends. David’s dishes are available on our dinner menu, now through July 10th.


Grilled Chicken Scaloppine with Arugula Salad and Watermelon Radish

David was recently inspired by the popular scaloppine dishes of France and Italy that typically consist of carpaccio or tuna, and has created a grilled chicken version specifically with Sprig in mind. Enjoy lemon dijon mustard-marinated grilled chicken breast topped with arugula, crisp watermelon radish, cherry tomatoes and shaved Grana Padano parmesan. In David's own words, this dish is one that is 'Light, delicious, but substantial’.

Calabrian Chili and Fennel Seed Roast Pork with Rutabaga and Apple

David’s Roast Pork dish draws from his passion for “traditional American eateries” - true institutions where you can get a delicious piece of meat accompanied by fresh vegetables and feel that you've truly eaten well, such as Gramercy Tavern and Gotham Bar & Grill. This dish of roast pork with Calabrian chili and toasted fennel seed rub is accompanied by olive oil-poached fennel, creamy rutabaga puree, sweet and sour grilled fuji apples, and topped with a golden raisin caper relish.

Farro Salad with Roasted and Charred Vegetables

This vegetarian dish was inspired by the rich antipasti culture of Italy, where coming together at the table and building your own salad is the norm.  David's Farro salad is complemented by golden beets, grilled broccolini, flash-caramelized radicchio, castelveltrano olives, dijon red wine vinaigrette, and a drizzle of olive oil. Buon appetito!

Cookies & Tickets for SF Baseball Opening Day

It’s getting hot in the City by the Bay and America’s pastime is taking the mound once again.  Sprig is always one to cheer for the local home team.  To celebrate opening weekend, cookies are on us through Saturday night.  You can order free delicious chocolate chip cookies with every order, so you don’t need to worry about sliding home with dessert. 

To make things even better, we will be giving out sets of game tickets at every meal service between now and Saturday!!!!  The tickets will be randomly delivered to customers ordering Sprig between now and Saturday, and an additional drawing for tickets for Sprig customers will be held on Monday, April 11th!*

Order your Sprig meal between today and Saturday to get a free cookie and a chance to win game tickets! You’ll be running the bases like the Great Bambino.

See you at the 7th Inning Stretch-

Cookies available while supplies last!
*For full ticket drawing Conditions

Reasons We Love 18 Reasons

Cooking from scratch is a powerful and nurturing experience to create and share. 

At Sprig, we have always valued the principles behind scratch cooking, and crafting meals from fresh, high quality ingredients. So that's what we do - create beautiful, delicious meals from scratch - and we do it at scale!  

We recognized the need for this kind of cooking to be widely available ("with the press of a button") because we don't feel you should have to compromise on how you want to eat just because you are short on time, or have competing priorities. 

18 Reasons is a community partner we greatly admire whose sole focus is on empowering communities through scratch cooking and educational food experiences:

Learning to cook is empowering. Moms who were sure their kids would never eat vegetables watch them joyfully chop and eat carrots and zucchini for the first time. Families struggling with diabetes and other diet-related diseases feel stronger and healthier after just a few weeks of cooking together. At the grocery store, graduates of our program confidently compare prices, read ingredient labels, and follow their shopping lists to save money while purchasing healthier food. 

We all have to eat, and what we put in our bodies has a profound impact on how we feel, how we engage with the world around us, and how we enjoy our lives. 

Donate HERE to 18 Reasons and help support their incredible organization!